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Z-Laser ZKV Adjustable circular ZKV Laser

Z-Laser ZKV Adjustable circular ZKV Laser

The adjustable circular laser facilitates many applications with its variable opening angle. Here, angles from 15 ° – 70 ° can be selected with a remote control. Depending on the mounting height, this results in a circlular diameter of 500 mm to a maximum of 5,600 mm.

The eye-safe laser class 2M makes working without goggles easy. Traditionally, this type of adjustable circular laser is used in barrel construction or cable drum construction.

Flexible circular laser

The ZKV laser model is a red (or green) positioning laser for alignment applications involving round objects. The positioning aid projects a red circle onto any work surface. The circle’s diameter is infinitely adjustable between 15 ° and 70 ° via the joystick on the connected control -at a 1 m working distance, this results in a circle diameter of 27 cm to 140 cm, for example!

The circular laser makes the correct positioning of round objects much easier, and can adjust to templates with different diameters. The positioning laser proves to be the perfect solution for the construction of large cable drums or wooden drum bases. The projected circle clearly indicates the outer contour of the round workpiece, and individual wooden strips can be easily and accurately merged. This saves both material and time.

Weight 6800 g
Dimensions 150 × 345 mm

150 mm


515 nm, 635 nm




manual focus

Beam angle

15°, 70°


Alignment, Assembling


Diode laser

Supply voltage

90 bis 265 VAC

Laser class


IP protection class

IP 65

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