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Laserman’s Guide to Buying a Laser Level


At Laserman, we understand that it can be difficult to find a laser level that covers all of your project needs. Whether you’re working on a big building operation or simply hanging a picture frame, it’s important that you don’t settle for a laser level that’s anything less than perfect.

Finding a suitable laser level depends on a number of factors, from the type of work you’re doing to your budget. We’ve taken the guess work out of selecting from hundreds of laser level options by putting together a list of our favourite laser levels.

Let’s start off with some of our top picks for multiline laser levels that are most appropriate for interior applications.

Laserman’s Top Picks for Multiline Laser Levels

Quick Comparison

1. geo-FENNEL Geo6X SP | $697.00 AUD




Starting off at the top of our list is the geo-FENNEL Geo6X SP, which is by far the first recommendation we’ll make if you’re opting to buy a multiline laser level. The Geo6X is one of the most versatile multiline laser levels on the market and is ideal for setting up heights, horizontal and vertical planes and right angles.

The Geo6X is able to form six laser crosses with extremely visible green beam technology, and has an additional horizontal beam capable of leveling a complete 360 degrees. With an excellent working radius of up to 60 metres using the recommended laser detector (the geo-FENNEL FR 55, FR 75 or FR 77-MM) there’s no need to worry about whether or not this laser can provide accurate measurements on a large job site.

The Geo6X is a must-have tool in any general contractors’ tool belt able to plumb, level and square. We also suggest electricians and plumbers invest in this tool.

Kit includes

  • Multi-functional mount

  • Magnetic target

  • Li-Ion battery charger

  • Battery case for alkaline batteries

  • Soft case with foam insert


2. IMEX LX3DG | $759.00 AUD

The Imex LX3DG is a line laser with everything. With 3-360° lines with an offset so that all lines are uninterrupted simultaneously the Imex LX3DG in green beam is the ultimate in interior laser levelling with world first lithium and alkaline batteries, accurate lines long range and outdoor mode.
The LX3DG also has the longest run time in it’s class and is also a drop test and oven temperature winner. The

     Imex LX3DG is the ultimate in interior laser levelling.


    3. PLS 3X360G Kit | $940.00 AUD

    Coming in at a close second is the PLS 3X360G Kit. This laser was developed out of necessity by professional contractors with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry.

    The 3X360G comes with a heap of great features that make it the optimal laser level for commercial and residential interior and exterior layout projects. For starters, it has an accuracy of 2mm @ 10m, making it the best in its class. The 3X360G also comes with an out-of-level warning to prevent the use of any incorrect measurements during a job.

    Like the Geo6X, the 3X360G has three separate 360 degree fan angles making it an all-in-one plumb, level and squaring tool. The only potential drawback of this laser is that its operating time is reduced to approximately nine hours when all three beams are in operation. However, the 3X360G comes with rechargeable battery pack. 

    Kit includes

    • RBP5 (Li-Ion batteries)
    • Power supply
    • Magnetic L-Bracket
    • Green Target
    • Canvas Pouch
    • Blow Mold Case


    4. DeWalt DW089LG | Contact us for pricing



    The DeWalt DW089LG is a tried and trusted self-leveling multiline laser level that has used by thousands of contractors across the world. As a brand, DeWalt has a reputation for producing tough laser levels and the DW089LG is no exception. With an innovative IP rating of 65, this laser level is sure to withstand harsh job site conditions including dust and water.

    While the DW089LG is a great choice for a multiline laser level, we have to preface that they can be difficult to service. This laser level moves towards the lower end of accuracy at 3mm @ 10m. Nonetheless if you’re looking for a sturdy and easy-to-use multiline laser level, the DW089LG is a solid option.


     5. TUF CL360X1D2R  | $363.00 AUD



    TUF CL360X1D2R Features:

    • Fully self levelling in each axis
    • High work efficiency: simultaneous performance of horizontal and vertical levelling applications in the entire workspace with only one tool
    • 360° Green Horizontal line
    • 2 x 360° Red Vertical lines
    • Exterior use with receiver
    • Magnetic and tripod mountable base mount included


    Laserman’s Top Picks for Rotary Laser Levels 

     A rotary laser is a must-have tool in any construction worker or contractors kit, especially for larger construction projects like leveling job sites, excavation and property development. 

    Quick Comparison

    1. Topcon RL-H5A | $1,534.00 AUD

    Coming in at the top of our list is the Topcon RL-H5A with LS-80L receiver. This fantastic laser is packed with a heap of useful features that make it one of the most reliable and easy-to-operate rotary laser levels around.

    Not only the RL-H5A able to self level +/- 5 degrees, but it comes with a “Slope Matching” feature which allows the user to check grade on all slope work. In addition to the “Slope Matching” feature, the RL-H5A also has an out-of-level alarm (like a few of the multiline laser levels mentioned above) which helps to further prevent incorrect grade and slope measurements being used.

    With a tough IP rating of 66, you can’t go wrong with purchasing the Topcon RL-H5A which can withstand strenuous job site conditions including torrential rainfall.

    Kit includes

    • LS-80L Receiver
    • Receiver Clamp 
    • 4 x D-Cell Alkaline batteries
    • Carry case
    • Operator Manual


    2. PLS H2 Z | $1,268.00 AUD

    At Laserman, we can’t get enough of PLS products and that goes for the PLS H2 Z red beam rotary laser level. It’s the optimal laser for interior and exterior layout projects like laying concrete slabs and we highly recommend it to landscapers, plumbers and electricians in particular.

    The H2 Z is beautifully designed; it’s sleek and stylish with an easy-to-use one button operation, so there’s no way you’ll get confused by any overcomplicated extra functions. The H2 Z also has a tougher IP rating then the Topcon RL-H5A, at 67, so you can be rest assured that the H2 can handle some knocks and bumps on the job site.

    One drawback on this laser would be that it doesn’t have the greatest range, but if you’re working on a residential site, the 300m range is sure to do the job.

    Kit includes

    • PLS BP10 Alkaline battery tray 
    • 4 x D batteries 
    • Safety sheet and Quick Reference Guide


    3. geo-FENNEL FL115H  | $1,550.00 AUD

    Once again we have another geo-FENNEL product making it’s way onto our list, but for good reason.

    The FL115H with FR 77-MM receiver is the most accurate rotary laser level in its class at +0.5mm @ 30m, and has a RPM of 800 which makes it perfect for usage with machine control solutions. Its high RPM also gives the FL115H an enormous working range of up to 1200m (with its recommended receiver) so it’s ideal for working on long distance job sites.

    Like the Topcon RL-H5A, the FL115H comes with an out-of-level alarm and automatically shuts off to avoid incorrect measurements. However the FL115H has an operating time of approximately 26 hours, so ensure you bring along the rechargeable batteries to your job site.

    If you’re doing any sort of long distance work on a commercial site that requires extreme accuracy, we can’t recommend the FL115H enough.

    Kit includes

    • FR 77-MM Receiver
    • Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with charger
    • Battery case for alkaline batteries
    • Container


    4. Spectra Precision LL500  | $2,508.00 AUD


    Last on our list is the Spectra Precision LL500 with HL700 receiver. While this laser is slightly more pricey than the others on this list, the cost is justified.

    This rotary laser is designed as a one-person leveling system, so you can increase efficiency and productivity at work. Like the geo-FENNEL FL115H, the LL500 is optimal for longer range measurements with a working range of 500m and accuracy of 1.5mm @ 30m.

    There’s no need to worry about whether this laser will run out of power in the middle of the job, as it has a huge operating time of 175 hours with NiMH batteries. The LL500 is a robust and ergonomic rotary laser level that we think is worth the price tag.

    Kit includes

    • HR700 Receiver with C70 rod clamp
    • Alkaline batteries
    • Carry case
    • User Manual

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