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SL-Laser GmbH: Laser technology for precast concrete elements - High-tech projection systems for your Industry 4.0

With its laser systems, SL-Laser GmbH meets the customer's demand for more speed, higher precision and optimised costs and production processes. The projection systems are used worldwide in the construction industry and in the production of precast concrete elements.

With the laser system and the corresponding software, work plans and measuring points can be transferred without errors and in a time and cost-saving manner, even with large or convoluted assembly surfaces. In the precast industry, the ProDirector enables the exact positioning of formwork, built-in components, magnetic lines, shuttering profiles and reinforcement.

The laser is mounted in a place above the table or on rails for long lines.

On the rail, the laser moves from position to position along the long line.

The advantage is that a complete line can be predefined and assigned in CAD and the laser works through project by project.

All common formats, DXF, DWG, ULB, HPGL, can be displayed.

The laser systems also work together with control systems.



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