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Framework agreement with MEYER WERFT

Framework agreement with MEYER WERFT

GEO-Laser GmbH, a company with a long tradition based in Mülheim, Germany, is intensifying its cooperation with the Papenburg shipbuilder MEYER WERFT. In a continuous innovation process, MEYER’s surveying engineers have optimised the necessary alignment work in the block construction of their ocean liners and made it many times more efficient using automatedmeasuring methods.

Special plumb laser type LL-MW for MEYER WERFT © Michael Wessels

Using specially developed plumb lasers and electronic target boards, the position of the relevant components can be checked and corrected in real time by radio transmission. Ralph Zimmermann, Head of Surveying at the MEYER Group: “This laser measuring system enables shipbuilders to inspect the structure themselves in shifts and produce it in higher quality than with the conventional alignment method.

Waiting times for surveyors and complex measurements are now a thing of the past. In our search for a partner who could offer us an individual solution suitable for everyday use, we came across GEO”. The result of a short development phase was a laser system tailored to the needs of MEYER WERFT. Christian Düsing, Managing Director of GEO-Laser GmbH, is pleased about the big order: “It is nice that quality as well as individual consulting and solutions can still prevail. I am proud of my team that we can act so flexibly and professionally – and I am proud to be able to further expand our business relations with MEYER WERFT, a heavyweight in its industry.”

Following successful test runs in Papenburg and Rostock, the systems will soon be rolled out throughout the entire MEYER Group throughout Europe. This year, GEO will supply a three-figure number of lasers for this purpose.

Alignment work during block production with the new laser system © Michael Wessels

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