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Fluke MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzer

Fluke MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzer


We are happy to introduce to you our NEW Fluke MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzer

The Fluke MDA 550 Motor-Drive Analyzer saves time and eliminates the hassle of setting up complex measurements while simplifying motor-drive troubleshooting. From basic to advanced measurements, the MDA-550 has you covered, and with a built-in report generator you can quickly and easily generate as-found, and as-left reports with confidence.

Fluke-MDA-550 Series III Features

  • Measure key motor-drive parameters including DC Bus voltage level and AC ripple, voltage and current unbalance, voltage modulation, harmonics, and motor shaft voltage discharges
  • Provides guided measurements for motor-drive input, DC bus, drive output, motor input, and shaft measurements with graphical step-by-step voltage and current connection diagrams.
  • Simplified measurement setup with preset measurement profiles to automatically trigger data collection based on the chosen test procedure.

MDA-550 is the ideal portable motor-drive analysis test tool and can help safely locate and troubleshoot typical problems on inverter-type motor-drive systems.

  • Measure key motor-drive parameters
  • Perform extended harmonics measurements
  • Conduct guided measurements
  • Use simplified measurement setup
  • Create reports quickly and easily
  • Measure additional electrical parameters

Our new product uses guided test measurements to make analysis easier than ever

1. Drive input 

Measure input voltage and current to quickly see whether values are within acceptable limits.


Drive input

2. Voltage and current unbalance

Check the voltage unbalance and the current unbalance.




3. Extended harmonic measurements

Provides the ability to discover the harmonics of the motor-drive but can also discover the possible effects of inverter switching electronics.


Extended harmonic measurements

4. DC bus

The record function can be used to check DC bus performance dynamically in the operating mode while a load is applied.



5. Drive output

Check the output of the drive focusing both on voltage to frequency ratio (V/F), and voltage modulation. 


Drive output

6. Voltage modulation

Measurements of the Pulse Width Modulated signal are used to check for high voltage peaks which can damage motor winding insulation.




Voltage modulation

7. Motor input

Ensuring that voltage is being supplied at the motor input terminals is key, and the selection of cabling from drive to the motor is critical.




Motor shaft voltage

8. Motor shaft voltage

Voltage pulses from a variable speed drive can couple from a motor’s stator to its rotor, causing a voltage to appear on the rotor shaft.





With the introduction of the NEW MDA-550 Series III Motor Drive Analyzers, we will be discontinuing the two MDA models listed below.

FLUKE-MDA-510 Item No. 4984691

FLUKE-MDA-550 Item No. 4984706

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