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GEO-Laser's new green Pipe Laser

GEO-Laser's new green Pipe Laser

Announcing the NEW GEO-Laser KL-90L and KL-91L pipe laser… with green diode technology.

Ever since the introduction of GEO’s first pipe laser, the TL-7, in 1973, their lasers have been a fixture on construction sites around the world. 


All GEO’s devices are known for their robustness and their reliability, and they are admired and appreciated for their perfect workmanship and easy of use. 


Decades of experience and continuous research and development are the cornerstones of GEO’s success. But how does one continue to improve a product that is virtually perfect? 


As they are always in touch with the latest technologies, they are now able to meet the highest standards of excellence and cast our pipe laser in a completely new light – a green one.


GEO-Laser now proudly introduce their new pipe lasers KL-90L and KL-91L. Building on the same high quality you have come to expect from GEO, the green laser beam noticeably enhances visibility of the target, even in difficult lighting conditions. This is because the human eye is twice as receptive to green light than to red. In addition, green light does not get overpowered so much by the red spectrum of the sunlight. 


Of course, our new devices meet all the requirements of their various applications, and they fully comply with occupational health and safety regulations: While the KL-91L is categorised as a class 3R laser due to its higher output power, the KL-90L offers the unique combination of the green laser beam's higher visibility and a convenient class 2 classification. 


But that's not all: How about a laser target that not only shows the striking light spot but also diverts it in the viewer's direction? This way, the spot would be clearly visible even when viewed at an angle. To achieve this, we have equipped our newly developed laser target with a special optical system. 

Both devices, the KL-90L and the KL-91L, including the new target, are now available for sale. Please contact us for more information.

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