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XSITE® PRO Excavator Control System: For Building Contractors with Small to Mid-Sized Projects 

With Xsite® PRO excavator control system, the operator creates a model with several levels, inclining on the comfortable, 8.4 inch display. The 3-D excavator control system records depth, incline and range of the excavator bucket, depicting the position on the graphic display. The machine operator can then work to implement the specifications, without corrective work. This saves time, fuel, material and increases the efficiency during machine use.

This 3-D excavation system also offers an introduction to 3-D machine control by means of a software extension. This can be used to create simple 3-D profiles with the excavation system. Alignment of the machines is determined with the GNSS compass, making work performance even more accurate. 

Documentation of the work progress is made possible throughout the process. This system can be used during pipe or cabling installation, documenting competed layers, dredging or slope construction.