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MOBA pave-tm - the worldwide first system for continuous measurement of layer thickness

PAVE-TM, the worldwide first patented and automatic system for the measurement of layer thickness is an absolute must in road construction in order to save costs!

After one initial adjustment, the system continuously displays the current thickness of the paving. The system saves you manual re-measuring of the layer thickness and thereby saves time and material. Minimisation of the expensive layer material and exact operation at the tolerance limits reduces your costs to a minimum, thereby increasing your profit. The system amortises itself within the shortest period of time, so that you will turn a profit after only a few projects!

The worldwide novelty performs the highly complex determination of layer thickness by taking into consideration irregularities of the base. In conjunction with four high-accuracy, proven ultrasound sensors, Sonic-Ski PLUS, the thickness of the layer is detected contact-free and is displayed in real-time on the robust, clear GDC-320 colour display. The layer thickness display is already integrated into some of the pavers. The minimisation of error sources due to manual measurement of layer thickness and the accurate control of laid material ensure a uniform, stable layer of the highest quality – a decisive factor for the service life of the road.

We offer OEM customers tailor-made solutions for the integration of layer thickness. Dynapac pavers are already PAVE-TM- and PAVE-IR-ready and can therefore be upgraded at any time with systems for the measurement of layer thickness and for temperature visualisation. Thanks to this upgrade, your paver is ready for road construction of the future in the shortest period of time.

Combined with the solution for rollers, the compaction assistant MCA-3000, you can elevate the quality of your construction to a new level.

MOBA pave-tm - the worldwide first system for continuous measurement of layer thickness