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Brand - Carter Products, Made in the USA, Bandsaw Products, Woodworking, CNC Products

Carter Products, Made in the USA, Bandsaw Products, Woodworking, CNC Products

Carter Products, Made in the USA, Bandsaw Products, Woodworking, CNC Products

Yesterday a Pioneer - Today a pace-setter with Solutions for Tomorrow

Over 85 years ago, Andy Carter developed a better band saw wheel and his company – Carter Products – began. An innovator with over forty patents to his name, his commitment was to design and manufacture products that would perform better and more economically. His work resulted in improved band saw guides, wheels, and tires. He also pioneered the concept of using guide line lights for the visual alignment of material.

Thelma Watson, a trusted lieutenant, succeeded Andy. Her leadership resulted in a new era of company growth. In 1985, her industry peers honored her accomplishments with its most prestigious award, the Ralph B. Baldwin Award of Excellence.

Today, Andy Carter’s heirs continue to focus on innovative products. The company operates in a brand new, award winning manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids. We still build on Andy Carter’s interest in band saws by designing products that improve the performance of industrial saws, but today we also develop solutions for popular hobbyist saws. In addition, our focus is on state-of-the-art technology with products such as our unique vacuum work holding system, wide-belt sanding accessory products, 2D laser projection systems, and the most extensive line of laser guide line lights offered in North America.

Whether you need solutions for industrial or hobbyist applications, classic or modern machinery, all of us at Carter Products look forward to serving you with innovative products to improve the productivity of your equipment.

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The Art of Bandsaw Puzzles Vol. 1

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AC-LOGMILL1000 Bandsaw Accessory

$15.50 $7.50
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Clean Sweep


Magfence II

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Magfence wear face 5 inch MFII-SWF5

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GA-KIT JET18 Bandsaw Guide upgrade kit

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FAST Fence Alignment Tool

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The Carter Limber Light

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Hollow Roller lathe BIT-HUNT01

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Hollow Roller HR1000



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AccuRight Circle Cutter

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Stabilizer SEA2

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Magfence wear face 3 inch MFII-SWF3

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Jet 14 Blade guard



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Hollow Roller Short handle

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Hollow Roller Long handle

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Hollow Roller lathe BIT-CART01

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GRI17-19 Grizzly 17" Bandsaw Guide upgrade kit



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