FE-52 y-axis locking receiver

FE-52 y-axis locking receiver

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The locking receiver, type FE-50, was specially developped for the GEO laser types UL-82/-83, RL-80, PL-90 and IL-90 for the locking of the Y-axis (direction). For the laser types RL-80, PL-90 and IL-90 the locking receiver FE-50X is available for the additional locking of the X-axis. The function is as simple as it is ingenious. The rotating laser beam is received by the locking receiver FE-50/FE-50X and then automatically directed to the position fixed before. Deviations are detected and corrected immediately. Accuracy +/- 0.5 mm/100 m Range to 150 m Watertight, robust and reliable Operation is possible horizontal, vertical, in alignment, with every inclination and even on swaying platforms. Optional locking of the Y-axis (direction) or the Y- and X-axis.

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