FAST Fence Alignment Tool

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Did you know that a blade can change its angle as much as 18 degrees depending on where it rides on the top or bottom wheel? Multiply that over the length of the table and we have found most fences can be as much as 3/4" out of square. Trying to adjust a factory fence was tough so we made the MAGFENCE® II to make a fence easier and quicker to install and remove. But the question still comes up “How do you align it properly”. How do you align a 14" fence to a 3/4" blade? It's not just older eyes that have a tough time, poor lighting, shadows any number of things can make it tough to determine proper alignment. You can put a ruler on the table and hope you have it against the blade but not deflecting it or you can make it easy with the NEW F.A.S.T™. "Fence Alignment System Tool" from Carter Products. 

The F.A.S.T. is a simple and easy magnetic design that allows you to place it on the blade and determine that you are in that sweet spot for accurate cutting. It has a notch for the teeth so you can be sure you’re perfectly flat against the body of the blade every time. Remember if you’re within a 1/4" of square or better your results will be straight cuts. The F.A.S.T. also has a ruler for determining fence distance! The F.A.S.T. combo pack includes 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" bars to allow you to both precisely align the fence square to the blade, but also the exact distance from the blade to the fence. Magnetic bars can also be attached to each other to create any width desired between your blade and fence.



For easy strorage the F.A.S.T. system comes with a adhesive backed foam drawer insert for easy organized storage. Likewise being magnetic, the F.A.S.T. bars can also be attached directly to your saw for easy access.

The F.A.S.T. bars are also a great tool for set-up and confirmation of router bit depth by simply placing the desired depth of cut bar on either your router table or router base and adjusting the bit to the same height as the thickness of the bar.

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