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Solar Solutions


Solar Panels

 A single photovoltaic cell contains semiconductors that can convert sunlight into electricity. As photovoltaic cells only generate a limited amount of energy, numerous cells are connected together to create a single solar panel. Working together, multiple solar cells generate higher currents, and therefore more energy. Photovoltaic cells are the primary component that makes up a solar panel, while solar panels are a vital component that makes up a solar system.

Recommended Product:

Fluke 393 FC, Fluke IRR1-SOL, Fluke Ti480 Pro, Fluke 1625-2Spectra DG813

Battery Storage

Healthy batteries should maintain a capacity above 90% of the manufacturer’s rating. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the battery if its capacity falls below 80%.

Plate degradation, sustained high temperatures or an increase in resistance of more than 20% compared to the baseline or previous measurement are key signs of failure and require regular testing to ensure optimal performance and prevent downtime.

Recommended Product:

Fluke 1777, Fluke 87V Max, Fluke BT521, Fluke Ti480 Pro, Fluke 1625-2, Fluke Norma 6000+

Inverter Boxes

Solar panels generate DC electricity, and solar inverters are required to convert the power from DC to AC in order to make a connection to the utility grid. It is crucial to regularly check the inverter's operating DC input voltage and current level and, on the AC side, the inverter's output voltage and current levels, to ensure that the inverters are producing the correct output.

Recommended Product:

Fluke 1537, Fluke 1748, Fluke 393 FC, Fluke 1777, Fluke 87V Max, Fluke Ti480 Pro, Fluke 125B, Fluke Norma 6000+

Electrical Substation and Transmission

The Electrical Substation is the key interface between the Utility Grid and Renewable Installations. All substations require a comprehensive maintenance programme including the testing of Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Batteries & Chargers, Relays and Isolating Circuit Switches.

Recommended Product:

Fluke 1555 FC, Fluke 1748, Fluke 1777, Fluke ii910, Fluke Ti480 Pro, Fluke 125BFluke 1625-2, Fluke Norma 6000+

Combiner Boxes

A Solar Combiner Box combines the output of numerous strings of PV modules for connection to the inverter. Generally, it houses the input overcurrent protection fuse assemblies for multiple strings. Amperage measurements and calculations are crucial to establishing whether the PV arrays are operating correctly.

Recommended Product:

Fluke 1537Fluke 393 FCFluke 87V MaxFluke Ti480 ProFluke 125B Fluke 1625-2