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Industry - Steel, Metal & Aluminium - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems

Industry - Steel, Metal & Aluminium - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems


In the metalworking industry, lasers are a valuable and versatile tool for accelerating your workflow. You can easily project precise positioning lines for a visual target / actual comparison, or display the optimal alignment of workpieces for saws, brakes or rollers. Lasers are also ideal for measuring geometry in 2D and 3D in conjunction with industrial cameras and machine vision lasers. Speak to our knowledgeable sales team about your application, we have the right lasers for the metal, steel and aluminum industries.

Align Steel Plates

Industry - Steel, Metal & Aluminium - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems ZL 1

Laser Systems for Metal Industries 

2D and 3D positioning on clamping systems
Reduce set up times:
- Shows you the position of the clamping system
- Able to project to top of material or base
- Project your workshop drawings @ 1:1
- Simple and repeatable set ups
Easy workpiece positioning:
- Workshop drawings directly on your table!
- No template required
- No more parts are forgotten or misplaced
- Ideal quality control
Steel trusses
When building roof trusses, time is money. Complicated setups compound labor costs and affect your bottom line. With a Truss Projection System from SL-Laser, every setup is simplified with laser light templates. A full scale 1:1 image of each truss is projected on the table to set jigging, chords, and webs in sequence. The more frequent the setup changes, the more labor savings you’ll realize with a laser projection system. From simple common trusses to complex mono scissors, each setup just as easy when you’re just placing lumber to the green laser lines. No more labor standing around while the lead man figures out the setup. Anyone can follow the laser template – even new unskilled workers. The laser light shines to the precise location specified in the engineering drawing, greatly reducing the chances of forgotten fasteners and ensuring you’re producing the strongest truss possible.
When splitting a job across several build teams or assembly tables, very small differences in setup angles can result in noticeable differences once the roof is sheathed on the jobsite. With laser projection, each truss in a package can be built repeatably to identical dimensions on any projection system location in your plant – even your jack table. Replacement trusses ordered due to jobsite or shipping damage can be built to match the pitch of the rest of the package identically. Compatibility with AutoCAD and many industry-specific truss design packages and steel suppliers makes it easy to get the most out of your production floor.
Positioning in milling, cutting and engraving
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