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Industry - Concrete, Precast & Bricklaying - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems

Industry - Concrete, Precast & Bricklaying - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems


In concrete sector large areas, laser projections are used for the accurate alignment of precast concrete parts or as a replacement for stencils. In the case of very large work surfaces, double or multiple installations of laser projectors are used. Speak to our knowledgeable sales team about your application, we have the right laser projectors for the concrete industry.

Laser-assisted Setting of Formwork for Concrete Staircases

Industry - Concrete, Precast & Bricklaying - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems ZL 1

Recommended Laser Systems 

Z Laser ZM18

Z Laser ZM12

Z Laser LP-HFD2

Z Laser ZRX

Z Laser ZRG-F

Z Laser ZR 

Production of Prefabricated Concrete: Wall and Ceiling elements

Industry - Concrete, Precast & Bricklaying - Time & Cost Saving Precision Laser Manufacturing Solutions & Systems ZL 2

Precast Manufacturing
SL-Laser has a long history with the Precast concrete industry. The ProDirector projection systems are a proven timesaver that eliminate hand measuring, form insertion errors, and reduce plant labor costs.
Long Line Manufacturing 
Long line production creates a unique opportunity for laser projection.  With often a single pour in each setup location each day, the ProDirector Trolley system is used to move the laser projector (or sets of projectors) to each setup location on a computer controlled motorized cart system.  Each stop location for the trolley is preset with stop pins to identify the position of the line location below to quickly calibrate and align the system.  The operator can easily pull up his projection data either from the centrally located touchpanel industrial pc or a handheld remote control. As the laser trolley moves from station to station, the operator can easily project items such as side rails, shutters, formliners, accessory boxes, spacer inserts, rebar and tie points, and architectural masonry locations. The laser system projects the right information in the right place and the right point in the process to allow faster more accurate setups saving labor hours, rework, and downstream assembly issues. SL-Laser assures that you build to plan every time.
Carousel Manufacturing 
In carousel manufacturing, ProDirector laser projection units are placed in fixed locations over the pallet stop points. As the pallet is moved into position, the laser system scans reflective targets associated with each individual casting pallet in the system to determine the exact placement of the side rails, shutters, blocking, formliners, and spacer inserts to be placed on the pallets. As the pallet moves through the process, a second laser location would be over the rebar tying area, projecting rebar locations, orientation and tie points. A third application in the process is the insertion of architectural brick and decorative masonry to the precast panel. Carousel manufacturing typically utilizes a SL-Laser industrial TouchScreen PC interface at each projection location, giving the operator fast and convenient access to the data he needs. The system control software can also often be integrated to existing plant-floor Windows PC-based controllers to save floor space and budget. Using laser projection in the precast manufacturing process eliminates all of the time consuming hand-measuring required to make your project come together properly in final field assembly. Produce better, more consistent product in less time with the ProDirector layout system from SL-Laser.
Brick laying and dry construction  
The ProCollector L has the option to project points on a workpiece or bulding area. Import the CAD file as DXF and project the points and intersections. The projection is 1:1. To start with this option you have to calibrate the system on the working area.
The ProCollector L is an easy-to-use 3D laser system and it is ideal for professional use for staircases (stone or wood stairs). The ProCollector L enables you to get accurate measurements. The point collection process is easy and uncomplicated. Point the laser beam at the measurement target and click a button. The point is automatically collected and saved. Measuring only two points per surface are often enough. The ProCollector system is controlled using a wireless Joystick and Laptop or a Tablet PC. The preloaded SL-Laser TemplateCollector software shows you a graphical illustration of the measured points as they are generated. The finished drawing is saved as a DXF-file and ready to import into your CAD software. The ProCollector L can also project points from your existing CAD drawing onto a work piece or a building‘s walls or floors. 
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