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Industrial 2D - XS2 Pro Director MOBILE - SL Laser Projectors, Laser Template, Laser Projection Image

Industrial 2D - XS2 Pro Director MOBILE - SL Laser Projectors, Laser Template, Laser Projection Image

Laser projector ProDirector XS2 Mobile 

* wireless and with battery operation *

For the work where space is limited: the smaller and lighter laser projector "ProDirector XS2 mobile" is now even more flexible, thanks to battery operation and Bluetooth connection. The system is mounted on a tripod with wheels, the power comes from an industrial battery, enough for several hours. The projection data is sent wirelessly via Bluetooth directly to the projector. The combination of mobile ProDirector XS2 and our Tablet PC, also available in industrial quality, gives you more flexibility. The SL3D Software is installed on the Tablet PC, you do not need a PC at the working area.This is an advantage in the interior of the helicopter, if cable connections or click-bond holders should be installed, where error-free positioning of workpieces is required. Control the projector directly on the scene. This speeds and simplifies the workflow tremendously.

Typical Applications:
Composites * Aerospace/Boatbuilding * Prefabricated Components


Position accuracy    ± 0.014" (0.35mm) at a distance of 15" over 17" x 17" (4.5m x 4.5m) equals to a 60° projection
Field of View  horizontal: max. 80° (60° recommended) vertical: max. 70° (60° recommended)
max. power: 5 mW 0.9 mW "eye safe"-mode (opt. 50 mW), red: 635nm laser diode, green: 532nm diode-pumped solid state laser 
Laser class 
North America: Class IIIa per 21CFR 1040 (CDRH)
International: Class 2M per IEC/EN 60825-1:2015-07, CE certification
Power requirement 24 DCV accu
Dimensions 336 mm/13.23“ , Width: 117mm/4.61 “, Height: 180 mm/7.09“, Weight: 6.5 kg


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SL Wireless Remote

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