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Industrial 2D - Pro Director 6 - SL Laser Projectors, Laser Template, Laser Projection Image

Industrial 2D - Pro Director 6 - SL Laser Projectors, Laser Template, Laser Projection Image

Laser Projector ProDirector 6 

* Industry proven, robust, reliable *

Thousands of installations worldwide are successfully in use across several industries. In many areas SL-Laser has become the accepted standard and is a preferred choice for OEMs. As laser projection pioneers we are the prominent supplier with turn-key installs for precast concrete parts and positioning aids for CNC routers. In glass, rubber and leather industries, SL-Laser projectors increase the user's competitive edge. High quality projection in aerospace and robust technology lead to SL-Laser's success. Our sealed ProDirector 6 projector is the answer to heavy-industry demand for a rugged system that can endure harsh environments.

The Projector
DThe laser projector generates its image from common CAD design and construction drawings. The projector emits the desired outlines precisely into the production tooling or surface. The sequence of the images for the necessary steps of work procedure can be controlled and retrieved via a remote unit. The projection color of the laser is red or green. A single laser dot is moved at a high rate of speed in both X and Y directions - moving so fast that a standing image is perceived by the human eye. The equipment can project at an infinitely variable angle from any direction, allowing the projector to be flexibly retrofit into an existing production process without positioning restrictions.

Typical applications:
Composite * Aerospace/Boatbuilding * Woodworking * Prefabricated Compinents * Concrete/Brick-Laying * Metal industry * Stone and Marble * Textile industry


Position accuracy    ± 0.014" (0.35mm) at a distance of 15" over 17" x 17" (4.5m x 4.5m) equals to a 60° projection
Field of View  horizontal: max. 80° (60° recommended) vertical: max. 70° (60° recommended)
Laser max. power: 5 mW 0.9 mW "eye safe"-mode (opt. 50 mW), red: 635nm laser diode, green: 532nm diode-pumped solid state laser 
Laser class 
North America: Class IIIa per 21CFR 1040 (CDRH)
International: Class 2M per IEC/EN 60825-1:2015-07, CE certification
Power requirement 80-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 480 mm/18.90" , Width: 170mm/6.69", Height: 290 mm/11.42", Weight: 13.5 kg/29.76 lbs


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