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Carter Products Hollow Roller

The patent pending made in the USA Hollow Roller® system is a captive bar tool for safely turning hollow forms and bowls. The bar is completely captive, which allows the operator to focus on the work and art of the vessel being turned instead of on the complexity of the hollowing system. It incorporates a fully sealed bearing lubrication free roller system that eliminates drag on the bar, thus enabling a smoother flowing motion to all tool movements. By doing this, it gives the operator more control and feel while turning the work piece.

The Benefits of the Hollow Roller®:
• Safer than traditional non-captive hollowing systems
• Easy set-up on most lathes (via accessory stud)
• Quickly and easily removed and re-installed
• Heavy duty, but light in overall weight
• Perfect for beginner or experienced turners
• The system is functional for all size lathes from mini's to full size, so you don't have to buy a new system just because you buy a new lathe

The system comes complete with:
The Hollow Roller® Torque Arrestor tool rest, an auxiliary height adjustable tool rest, the Carter Accuright® Series 175 quick lock tool handle and the unique profile Hollow Roller® boring bar (3/4" quarter round diameter) with high speed steel scraper bit. The only other part needed is the Hollow Roller stud adaptor to fit your size lathe banjo and a desire to create unique artful vessels. A laser module, smaller diameter and larger length/diameter boring bars and other accessories are be available for this system seperatly.

The Carter Accuright Series 175 quick lock tool handle, which comes with the system, also has the added benefit of allowing the use of other tools like gouges and scrapers. This gives the purchaser a high quality tool handle for use outside of the Hollow Roller® system. The Accuright 175 handle comes with a stock 5/8” collet, but can accommodate any size round bar up to 3/4” with additional collets available from Carter in the Accuright Tool handle section. Another tried and tested feature of the Accuright series handle is its large internal cavity which allows for the addition of sand, shot or any other material to add weight and increase dampening when in use.

To fit the Hollow Roller on your lathe, you must purchase a Hollow Roller® Mounting stud to attach the Hollow Roller® to your lathe banjo. To view the stud lathe compatibility chart click on the stud chart link at the bottom of this page, below the videos.

If you don't find your model listed, simply measure the diameter of your existing tool rest post and the length from the bottom to the tool rest edge. The diameter will give you the needed post diameter and the total length will give you the mounting stud length required.