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MCE Lasers

MCE Laser Levels Product Range


MCE LASERS was established in the year 1981 to repair metrological laser systems and develop custom built lasers for specific applications relating mainly to alignment and leveling.

Most of our activities such as R&D, optical, mechanical and electronics work are done in house, consisting of two factories. One factory is used as a machining shop (mechanical), and the other used for electronics, optical and R&D work; contributing to a total floor area of 1300m². 

Some of our products include: 

  1. PIPELASERS – For laying drains, sewers or any pipework to line and grade.
  2. LASERGRADER – Land leveling for agriculture, sports grounds, site works etc.
  3. MACHINERY CONTROL – control boxes, cables, sensors for automatic control.
  4. LASERGUIDE – Multi-purpose sensor with LED indication of reference laser.
  5. DEPTHGUIDE – Attached to excavator so operator can control trench depth.
  6. MINING LASERS – Long range, rugged and accurate for mining and tunneling.
  7. INDUSTRIAL – For direction, detection, measurement and alignment.
  8. WHEEL ALIGNMENT – For trucks, trailers, trains etc.
  9. PAL SYSTEM – Precision and alignment.

We have total confidence in our products thus we offer an extended warranty over the usual 12 month period. Brochures and promotional backup of products are provided to all distributors.

Quality control is a vital factor at MCE Lasers, as well as total service support and backup for our distributors. MCE Lasers continuously monitor performance of our products and ensure the latest technology developments are utilised in all MCE Lasers products.


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